Wing assembly instructions

Two of the trikes that I have owned were used. Both of the previous owners gave me a quick briefing of how to assemble and disassemble the wing when I bought them. When I returned home I struggled through the assembly task.  Since I did not have an assembly manual I went looking on the net to find one. I located a PDF document entitled Sabre Aircraft Assembly Manual, Sabre 16ss Wing.

Click on the link/picture below to open the document. 

I have found this document to be helpful in assembling and disassembling my two wings.  One of them is the wing on my Jetwing trike, a Demon 175 meter wing, and the other was an older Northwing with a king post mounted on my Arrowquest trike. The document is free for you to download and hopefully it will help you through the assembly and disassembly process. You may want to develop your own quick reference checklist that will be specific to your wing.


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