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This is the Flight Designs Jetwing blueprint drawing, indicating the pip pin locations.


  • Specific Information About Jetwing Trikes

(this article was found on the net some time ago. it was written in the late 1990's)


  • Jetwing Trikes have been manufactured in the USA longer than any other domestic trike on the market.  They were designed in the late 1970's by engineers at Flight Designs Inc., a division of Pioneer International Corporation.   Since that time there have been between 2,000 and 3,000 units produced.   Thousands of hours of flight time accumulated over the years have demonstrated the overall integrity, safety, and reliability of the design.  It is a design that is time tested and well proven.
  • The Chariot

    The chariots triangular shaped tubular frame is one of the safest, strongest, and most comfortable of any on the market.  All material and hardware is aircraft grade (6061 T6 aluminum tubing, AN bolts, and stainless steel brackets).  All connecting members are bolted together (not welded) to allow for easy assembly and disassembly.  Repair and replacement of component parts, if required, is simple and easy.
  • Engine Options

    Jetwing Trikes are designed to accommodate 2 stroke engines ranging in horsepower from 30 to 50.  Although originally designed for the Kawasaki 440A engine, it is adaptable to many others including Fuji-Robin, 2 Stroke International, Rotax, Hirth, and Suzuki.  The price of our trike does not include the engine.   Engines are available from several different sources and we can provide you a listing of vendors upon request.  In the past, we have found excellent buys on some very low time lesser known engine brands like Fuji-Robin.  My personal Jetwing Trike is powered by a 50 horsepower Fuji-Robin with dual carbs, electric start, and fan cooling.  When I purchased the engine it had less than 5 hours of running time on it.  Total money invested in my engine will be about $700.00.  A 50 horsepower engine will give you outstanding performance with climb rates of about 1300 feet per minute.  If you are wanting a new reasonably priced engine that is domestically produced with all the matching accessories (gearboxes, electric starters) we recommend 2 Stroke International.
  • Suspension/Landing Gear/Steering

    Rear suspension on Jetwing Trikes is a tubular swing type design that is wrapped with high strength 1/2 inch bungie shock cord.  Front suspension is a multiple plate design made from stainless steel .  The pilot steers the aircraft by placing both feet on the cross tube that is attached to the nosewheel fork yoke.
  • Wheels and Tires

    Jetwing Trikes are currently being supplied with the 16" and 20" tuff wheel and tire.  However, we will soon be offering the Azusa type split rim aluminum wheels with matching tire as standard equipment.  We will also be offering a retrofit kit for all of the current owners of Jetwing Trikes who would like to convert to the Azusa type wheel.
  • Fenders/Wheel Pants

    We are planning on designing front fenders and rear wheel pants for the Jetwing Trikes very soon.  Both should be available sometime during the summer of 1998.
  • Prop Options

    Prop options are numerous depending upon the horsepower of the engine used and the reduction drive ratio chosen.  Jetwing Trikes are priced without props.  A listing of prop vendors is available upon request.  Prices range from about $300.00 to $700.00.
  • Reduction Drive Option

    Gear reduction drives and multiple v-belt reduction drives are available in a range of ratios depending upon engine and prop combination chosen.   Jetwing Trikes are priced without reduction drives.  A listing of vendors is available upon request.  Prices range from $250.00 to $500.00.
  • Brakes

    We are in the process of developing an optional braking system and it should be available sometime in the summer of 1998.
  • Instruments

    Instrument pods to suit individual needs and taste can be purchased  from several reputable suppliers.  A list of suppliers is available upon request.  Jetwing Trikes are priced without instruments.
  • Fuel System

    The fuel system consists of a single 5 gallon clear gas tank that is located directly behind the pilots seat.  It is secured to the frame in a velcro harness to allow for easy removal.  The system is primed with an inline hand squeezed rubber bulb.  This provides fuel at the inlet to a diaphram operated fuel pump.  The fuel line is top quality blue transparent polyurethane.  It is designed to withstand temperature ranges from -65 degrees F. to 220 degrees F.  Fuel filters are high flow type with high impact nylon housings that are sonically welded to prevent leaks and breakage.  Gravity flow rates are 7.6 gallons per hour as compared to standard filters which flow 2 to 4.5 gallons per hour.  Jetwing Trikes are supplied with the fuel system.
  • Electrical System

    Electrical energy for engine ignition operation is provided by a capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) system that is integral to the engine chosen.  The ignition switch, which is located on the throttle control, is a rotary style single pole type.  The center position (on) enables the ignition for engine starting.  The left or right position (off) disables the ignition.
  • Safety Harness

    The safety harness is a quick release type that is an integral part of the seat.  Safety harness length is adjustable to suit individual needs.
  • Throttle Control

    The throttle control is a spring actuated lever that is attached to the control bar.  The kill switch is part of the throttle control.
  • Wing Choices

    Wing choices for the Jetwing Trike include the Demon 175, Javelin 208, and Super Lancer.  We are currently supplying the Javelin 208.   Wing specifications are listed at the end of this text.  We are developing an adapter kit to allow owners of Jetwing Trikes to adapt their chariots to different brands of wings if so desired. 
  • Options

    Amphibious floats, airboat rudders, and snow skis will soon be available.
  • Spare Parts

  • References

  • General Specifications

Empty Weight-           217 lbs.

Gross Weight-            480 lbs.

Wingspan-                  33.6 feet

Wing Area-               175 sq. feet

Overall Height-         12 feet with wing attached.

Chariot Height-         7'5" with mast upright   -   3'6" with mast folded..

Overall Length-        12 feet with wing attached

Chariot Length-        6'4"

Chariot Width-         5'4"

Fuel Capacity-         5 gallons

# of Seats-                 1

Power Loading-        9.6 lb/hp  (50hp)

Wing Loading-          2.74 lb/sq ft

Build Time-               25 hours

Video-                      $25.00

Price-                        $4,500.00   -  Wing & Chariot

  • Performance Specifications

VNE-                            52mph

Top Speed-                   48 mph

Cruise Speed-                42 mph

Stall Speed-                   22 mph

Climb Rate (50hp)-       1300 fpm

Takeoff Distance-          50 feet

Landing Distance-          75 feet

Service Ceiling-             10,000 feet

Glide Ratio-                   7 to 1 at 25mph

Minimum Sink Ratio-     350fpm at 23 mph


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