Amie and Dave go flying in my trike

I had the opportunity to take my daughter Amie and her boyfriend Dave flying on Memorial Day. During each of their flights we flew towards Hills, Minnesota and circled the Wind Powered Generators located there. The wind was calm, and the propellers on the generators were not turning. What an awesome sight to see at about 400 feet AGL. This was the second time Amie had actually been in the backseat of one of my trikes. The first time, her and I made a couple of high speed taxis in my very first trike, an Arrowquest Everest. We taxied it without the wing on it and it was kind of scary for both of us but it definitely was not going to leave the ground. I was not trained to fly at the time, that is why I had not installed the wing. Fast forward to Memorial Day 2010, Amie was nervous today, about flying for the first time in my Northwing trike but I think she will say that it was not scary but taxiing a trike without the wing was.

During the flight with Dave we had a flock of Canadian Geese fly within 50 feet of us, head on but off to our right, otherwise we would have been on a collision course. I had not seen them coming and I wonder if they saw us. Both flights  were good in my opinion and I think they both enjoyed the adventure, I guess I will have to join FaceBook to find out what Amie wrote about her experience.

Amie nervously dons her headset.
I kidded her about getting sick, so she demonstrates the proper use of an airsick bag.
All smiles so we begin to taxi.
Amie and I after our 1st flight. She didn't use the bag and it was not scary like our high speed taxi in the Everest.
Dave climbs aboard and adjusts his volume control, Check, Check.
Dave and I after a close encounter with a flock of geese.
2010 Memorial Day fliers, Amie, Dave and me.


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