Winter Flying


            January 14th 2016 flight.

The Winter Flying Season 2010/2011 has begun. I have flown 3 times in December 2010 and have not flown in January yet. The last date I flew was December 9th so thus far I haven't technically flown in the Winter of 2010/2011 yet. The temperature was about 24 degrees fahrenheit with snow on the ground so I think that qualifies as Winter Flying but who is to say. After I had flown my North Wing for about 45 minutes I took the picture shown above. When I had finished, I noticed the temperature had gone up and the wind had stayed at 7 knots. That only meant one thing, it was time to fly the Jetwing. I rolled the Jetwing out and went for another 45 minute flight. It Was Great! I also got to see my first flock of turkeys from 300 feet above them. They look real funny as they were running on the ground. My plan is to make a few flights in my trikes all through the Winter when I can do so safely. Stay tuned for future flights and articles.

Flying the Jetwing in cool, calm, frigid air is really great and there are no thermals or bumps.

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