Wanted CFIs

The FAA implemented a new regulation on January 31, 2010 requiring Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructors to utilize a Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) for training whereas previously instructors were allowed to use Experiemental Light Sport Aircraft (ELSA). The SLSA are certified aircraft by the FAA and naturally cost more money, much to the chagrin of instructors that had a perfectly good and perhaps paid for experimental aircraft. The experimental aircraft the instructors had been using were previously authorized as trainers but unfortunately when the deadline arrived for many instructors they were out of business. I am not sure of how many weight shift instructors there are in the U.S. due to this situation, although there are new instructors still earning their instructors certificates as we speak. It is unfortunate that these experienced instructors quit teaching. There are several aviation organization that are lobbying for additional changes to the Sport Pilot rules. Can they effectively persuade the FAA to make some adjustments, only time will tell, and hopefully they will be successful. We are still in need of additional instructors throughout the USA. There are some lists of instructors available on the net but I am not sure as to the accuracy of them at this point in time. I know that when I was looking for instructors near South Dakota there were quite a number of states, especially in the Midwest that didn't have any. One of my goals is to become a CFI and hopefully some of you are pursuing another certificate as well.                             


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