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My first trike, an Arrowquest Everest with an inverted 503 cc Rotax engine. I recently sold this aircraft to make room for a 2008 Northwing Apache.

My newest trike, Northwing Apache S-LSA

Welcome to Want to Fly a Trike

This website is presented as my blog, as I trained to become a weight-shift control aircraft Sport Pilot.  I will introduce you to people, places and things that I have met and experienced during my training. Drop me an email with questions or suggestions about flying trikes or about information that could help you to experience this great way to start flying.

January 25, 2016
I am in the process of updating this website so check back regularly for new changes. I flew my first winter flight for this year on the 14th. It was 32 degrees Fahrenheit with a 9 mile per hour crosswind. I was dressed for the occasion wearing my hunting boots, ice fishing bibs, three layers of clothes under my outer coat, a head sock and finally a pair of ice fishing mittens. if you are going to fly an open-air aircraft like a trike in South Dakota you have to be dressed warmly. A friend of mine puts it this way if you are going to fly in the winter and the aircraft quits you had better be dressed to make the walk back to the airport without freezing. This particular flight I stayed in the pattern and just practiced touch and goes. It was a good day for practice. Below is a poorly lit picture, I had forgotten my good camera at home. All in all it turned out to be a great afternoon and I flew for 36 minutes safely. 

January 13, 2012

Today I received an email from a yahoo trike group member that provided a link to a clip of a video from the first episode of "the Finder", a new show on FOX. View this:


This is what a Jetwing looks like during takeoff and flight. You can begin to understand the fascination with this simple aircraft by so many pilots. I know you will enjoy it.

January 7 & 10, 2012

I had two great opportunities to fly the Jetwing recently, each time I flew about 48 minutes. The Jetwing is such a beautiful low and slow flying aircraft, it just seems very effortless. The temperature was in the mid 40's and the wind was 7 knots or less,  hard to believe this was winter flying in southwest Minnesota.

January 4, 2012 

I am long overdue for updating my webpage.  It seems that a lot of you are interested in light weight trikes, better known as Part 103 ultralight trikes in the USA.  Several viewers have contacted me about the Jetwing ATV trikes that were designed in the late '70s.  As you may have read on this website, I am an avid Jetwing flyer.  There is so much interest in the Jetwing we are talking about starting a Jetwing Owner's Association.  Supposedly there were somewhere between 2000 and 3000 of these trikes built and sold.  I wonder how many ever flew and are still flying today.  They continually show up on the net for sale in various conditions.  I have bought a couple of them myself.  There is also a Jetwing restoration blog written by a guy in Minnesota that I met through this website named David Brownlee.  Dave and I became friends over the last couple of years via phone and email as he was restoring his trike after he crashed it.  Luckily he is okay and I finally got to meet Dave when he brought his trike to Luverne, Minnesota.   Check out his webasite and story at:


Dave Brownlee, his Jetwing and Me, November 1st 2011.


      North Central Plains Ultralights

As in any sport or hobby, eventually you start to meet the people that have the same or similar interests as you. I was reading an issue of Ultra Flight Magazine, checking out the Calendar when I noticed there was a Fly-In at Centerville, South Dakota. Since it was close to my hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota it was an event that I should attend. This is where I first met a group of flyers called the North Central  Plains Ultralights. Quite a number of these guys fly Powered Parachutes and as flyers do they add other ratings as time goes on.  Several are now flying fixed wing aircraft and one flies a trike.  Each year this group has about 7 fly-ins in South Dakota and Minnesota.  I will add our schedule of events as soon as they become available. 

If powered parachutes interest you, I am adding a resource called the Powered Parachute Flying Handbook in the left column above. This manual is an FAA publication but it is no longer posted on their website. I am now printing these manuals and making them available if you want one, check out the Powered Parachute Flying Handbook page.


__________________________________________ Where to Start Learning About Trikes It is difficult to say where a person should start learning about trikes, but as I promised when I began this website, I said I would introduce you to products, people and places. When I began I was hooked so hard after my introductory flight, I bought an aircraft in a short period of time. That is really putting the cart before the horse and if I was just starting today I am not sure I would do it that way again. If you live close to an instructor, I would began by hanging out at their hangar or school and start asking questions until they throw you out, although I doubt they will do that. If an instructor isn't nearby you could search the internet for information and like an old television commercial used to show, you could finish that task in a few hours, ha ha. My best suggestion is to check out the folowing two items. The first is what I call the Trike Handbook, the most recent resource written specifically for trikers in quite awhile. It is really entitled "Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Flying Handbook." It has 280 pages of information, colored pictures and diagrams that was a great value to me as I progressed through my training to take the Sport Pilot Oral and Checkride. The price is $44.00 plus shipping. Just click on the item and it should take you to an order form.

The next resource is a little cheaper and you may prefer to purchase this product first, if you don't order them at the same time. This is the "Starting Triking" DVD from Adventure Productions. The video includes First Lessons, Tandem Instruction in the Skies and Spectacular in-air Footage. If you haven't taken an introductory flight yet this video will inspire you to do so. The price is $29.95 plus shipping. Again, just click on the item and it will take you to an order form.


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